We strive to build custom solutions with technology that is simple to use and just works. Many of our customers do not realize they are using advanced technology because we try to keep them focused on their jobs rather than the tools they need to use to get a job done. We stand behind our work because of our core belief that people matter most.


Organized and Innovative

Brian is intelligent, organized, and innovative, and when he takes on a project, he does not rest until it has been completed correctly. I hold Brian in the highest regard both as a person and as a professional, and I give him my whole-hearted recommendation.

Chauncy Bratt
Assistant United States Attorney, Middle District of Florida, Criminal Division


Professionalism, Dedication, Focus, and Teamwork

Although we work in different fields, Brian has been a great mentor to me in many respects. His example of professionalism, dedication, focus, and teamwork is a standard I hope to achieve. Brian is a goal-oriented leader who helps others to reach their full potential.

Mark Bradford
Decision Support Specialist, East Tennessee Children's Hospital


Prompt Assistance and Willingness to Quickly Resolve Any Issues

Brian has assisted our law practice on several complicated software applications which have included network applications and additional software and hardware purchases. We have always appreciated the prompt assistance that Brian gave us and the willingness to quickly resolve any connection or network issues that could be resolved quickly and the willingness to stay with us and help us obtain necessary patches or updates to make these applications work properly. I would highly recommend Brian for his persistence and knowledge of network systems.

Phillip Noblett
City Attorney, City of Chattanooga


Straightforward, Professional and Accurate

Brian is one of the few network specialists that understands the value and purpose of technology as it relates to a progressive engineering firm. I recommend Brian for any project that needs specialized talent and wants someone that is straightforward, professional and accurate. Brian believes technology should be invisible, an aid to the business, not a time consuming tool. This philosophy helps us respond better to clients with greater levels of productivity.

Brad Gilson
President & CEO, Gilson Engineering


Completed Tasks On Time and Always Solved the Root Cause of Issues

Brian is reliable, smart, and driven. He completed tasks on time and always solved the root cause of issues rather than only treating symptoms.  I highly recommend Brian for any technical or managerial position that values technical aptitude and proven success.

Brian Watson
Senior Manager, Adobe Systems


Can Be Trusted with Managing Complex Projects

Brian is a professional who understands that business today is driven by professionals who can drive business results with technology. Brian has worked hard to understand how to leverage today’s leading technologies to transform business. It is my belief that Brian is an accomplished professional that can be trusted with implementing technology solutions, managing complex projects, and leading others.

Brandon Clark
TitleManager, Services & Strategic Product Partners, Instructure


Resourceful, Inspirational, and Level Headed

Brian and I have had numerous opportunities to work side by side and over some majorly crucial projects and tasks. The thing about Brian that I have always admired is his ability to communicate very clearly and to explain things in a way that make sense to people at all levels. Brian is resourceful, inspirational, and level headed. His leadership skills are impressive and I would recommend him to anyone who wants a hard worker, diligent leader, and intensely sharp minded business partner and employee.

Amongst Brian’s most admirable qualities is his integrity and ability to get it right the first time. This quality makes him an attractive asset to the general public, internal employees and stakeholders, and clients. Brian truly is one of the most impressive individuals I have had the privilege of learning from and working with.

Derek Cullimore
Senior Manager, Basic Research


Incredible Vision

Brian Silvenis is an excellent leader with incredible vision. Brian is also extremely well organized and excels in whatever tasks he undertakes. He is a genuinely great guy with an infectious sense of humor.

Ben Turley
Founder, Scan, Inc.


Honest, Diligent, and Completely Dedicated to Getting theJob Done Right

While working closely with Brian over a two year period, I was quickly impressed by his consistent ability to plan out projects effectively, offer clear and precise direction and feedback, and lead and guide others. He is calm and focused in difficult situations and was a great asset to our team. His attention to detail is impeccable; however, he does not let this get him sidetracked from other important factors. Brian is honest, diligent, and completely dedicated to getting the job done right, no matter how difficult it is.

I strongly recommend Brian due to his diverse skill sets and his ability to continually improve an organization’s effectiveness at all levels.

Nick Romriell
Team Coach, Team TearItUp / The Healthy Cause