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myJenda partners with you to truly understand your business through a personal observation of your work. We strive to understand your current process, your current needs, and we tailor our solution to maximize your return on investment in technology. We imagine things not just as they are but as they could become and help our customers reach their full potential by adhering to lean principles.



During the design phase myJenda will ask for iterative feedback as we strive to exceed expectations. We want to design a solution that is simple to use, does not draw attention to itself, and is built to last.



myJenda delivers quality solutions on time and under budget. We only use the best components in our technical solutions so that our customers receive the greatest value for their investment and are able to focus on what they do best.



Website Hosting

Secure And Reliable Web Hosting With Expert Support. Interactive Features. Friendly  Support. Flexible Hosting. Services: Web Hosting, Online Directories, Business Email.


Google Worspace Implementation

All you need to do your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet.


Website Design

Choose The Perfect Domain Name & Website Design To Start Your Own Website Today! Built-in SEO. Free Hosting. Live Chat and Email Help. Hundreds of Designs. Mobile Ready. Scalable and Secure. Rich, Easy-to-Read Stats. Fast, Friendly Support.


Business Process Analysis

No matter how hard individuals work, they cannot overcome a flawed process design, much less the burden of no design at all. We evaluate current business processes, identify wastes following lean principles, and make recommendations that will allow employees to achieve their best.


IT Security

myJenda helps address your organization’s unique challenge of aligning security and business objectives to facilitate the development of robust security programs.


Cloud Computing

When you choose myJenda as a Google Cloud consultant, you’ll be working hand in hand with the experts who helped build the Google Cloud infrastructure. We’ll educate your team on best practices and guiding principles for a successful implementation.

Our solutions are customized for various business needs — with consultants who deliver a broad range of technical expertise including infrastructure, G Suite services, machine learning, data and analytics, application development, and security.