Audi UK offering up £13,000 to switch to one of their EVs

Audi UK

Audi is offering their customers in the UK up to £13,000 in support of the purchase of one of their electric vehicles, this is available for three EV models. This includes the Audi A5 e-tron which has up to £,8250 of support.

The next model that is available is the Audi Q8 e-tron which is available for £11,7500 and the final model is the Audi e-tron GT which is available with the support of £13,000, more information below.

“Core to Audi’s path of becoming the leading provider of sustainable premium mobility is the development and production of zero-emission, fully electric vehicles – and from 2026 every new Audi launched will be all-electric,” commented director Audi UK Andrew Doyle. “Customer appetite and interest in our BEV line-up are growing rapidly, sales are up 78 percent year-on-year, and our ‘Make the Switch’ campaign will help accelerate that shift by lowering the barriers to entry for many.”

The amount of available support from Audi UK ranges between £6,250 and £11,000 depending on the model and is available to all UK customers. A free Ohme wall box charger with standard installation is also included in the Make a Switch offer. The 7kW recharging unit enables quick and convenient charging at home via the Ohme app. For customers that already have a suitable home charger, alternative offers of a £500 contribution or £500 charging credit on the Audi charge card can be redeemed.

You can find out more details about the range of incentives that Audi are offering their customers on purchasing electric vehicles in the UK over at the Audi website at the link below.

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