How to Fix iPad Won’t Turn on Black Screen? [2023 Solved]

Are you facing a problem where your iPad won’t turn on, leaving you staring at the black screen? We know it’s the most frustrating experience for any Apple user if their iPad is not responding. It certainly happens at times when you have the most important tasks to do. However, before you panic or immediately head to the nearest Apple service center, try several simple self-troubleshooting options.

We are pretty sure many of you can find a solution down below because we will share seven common fixes for your iPad won’t turn on black screen. So, let’s dive into the step-by-step guide and discover how to fix your iPad.

Why my iPad won’t turn on?

Just relax; there is no need to scream if your iPad won’t turn on stuck on Apple logo. Sometimes there are minor causes due to which the iPad stops responding. But many people, due to a lack of understanding, often consider it beyond repair. That’s why in this section, we will explore some common reasons why your iPad may not be turning on. By understanding all these reasons, you’ll better equip yourself to troubleshoot and resolve those issues with your iPad.

1. Faulty Charger

If you state that my iPad won’t turn on even when plugged in, we can say a faulty charger would be the leading cause. If you have started using a third-party charger, there is a possibility that it won’t suit your iPad, and that’s why it refuses to turn on. But in case you still use the official charger that came with your iPad, try to replace it if it’s under warranty.

2. Liquid damage

If your iPad won’t turn on, we can also assume that it may have contact with liquid. Even a small water droplet can be detrimental to your device’s software. The consequences of liquid damage can be severe, depending on the exposure extent. At first, you may encounter temporary breakage, but over time it gets severe. And unfortunately, such damage is not covered by the warranty.

3. Software Issues

Another leading cause of an iPad’s black screen is software-related issues. You may haven’t performed a software update, or we can say your iPad has been jailbroken. Luckily, most of these software problems can be resolved easily through self-troubleshooting. But, if you are not a technology person or fear trying self-troubleshooting, it might be worth seeking assistance from ReiBoot – iOS system repair. This expert software can swiftly address any issue your iPad may be experiencing.

How to Fix iPad won’t turn on?

Above we have explained the most prevalent causes due to which your iPad won’t turn on or may not display the screen. However, various troubleshooting options are available to help you recover your iPad. Below, we will share some easy and obvious steps you can try. So let’s explore how to fix iPad won’t turn on.

Solution 1: Charge your iPad with an appropriate charger

The first solution to try when your iPad won’t turn on is to charge it using an appropriate charger. Connect your iPad to a power socket but make sure you only use the original charging cable and adapter that came with the iPad

Ensure the charging cable is securely plugged into the iPad and the power source. Allow your iPad to charge for at least 30 minutes. Sometimes, a drained battery is the culprit behind the startup issue.

Solution 2: Check your iPad’s Brightness

If the first one fails, check your iPad’s brightness level. The screen brightness may be set to the least degree. You have to adjust the brightness settings by waking up your iPad.

Look for the Brightness slider and adjust it if it’s set to the lowest level. You should notice the screen gradually becoming brighter as you adjust the slider. If the issue persists, consult the third-party repair tool-ReiBoot, to diagnose the problem.

Solution 3: The best method to fix any kind of iPad glitch

You can instantly fix iPad won’t turn on with a simple one-click action; One of the most effective approaches to fix the issue on an iPad is to utilize ReiBoot. It serves as an iPad recovery mode tool and a professional iOS system repair tool capable of addressing over 150 iOS system issues. Here is a step-by-step guide using ReiBoot.:

  • Launch ReiBoot on your computer, connect your iPad to the computer
  • Wait for it to be detected. Finally, click on “Start” in the main interface.

Fix iPad Won’t Turn

  • To enter the repair mode, simply click on “Fix Now.”
  • Then choose “Standard Repair” to proceed with the process.

Fix iPad Won’t Turn

Fix iPad Won’t Turn

  • Download the firmware package and ensure to save it on your computer.
  • After the downloading process is complete, click “Start Repair” to initiate repairing the iPad system.
  • Following the repair, the device should reboot.

Fix iPad Won’t Turn

Fix iPad Won’t Turn

  • Once the repair is completed, your iOS device will automatically reboot, and rest assured; all your data will remain intact without any deletion.

Further, if you want more clearer instructions, watch this complete video explaining how to fix your iPad’s blank screen of death that won’t turn on.

Solution 4: Hard restart your iPad

If your iPad is still unresponsive, it probably needs a hard rest.

For iPads with a Home Button:

  • Keep pressing the power and Home buttons
  • Wait for the slider, and when it appears, slide from the left to right

Fix iPad Won’t Turn

Fix iPad Won’t Turn

  • Your iPad will go darker means it’s powered off now
  • Repeat the process by holding the power button and wait for your iPad to restart. It may take a moment for the Apple logo to appear.

Fix iPad Won’t Turn

Fix iPad Won’t Turn

For iPads without a Home Button (Face ID models):

  • Press the volume up button for 5 sec and quickly release it.
  • Then, maintain your hold on the Power button and release it when the screen lights up.

Performing a hard reset can clear any temporary glitches or frozen processes that may be causing your iPad to stay unresponsive. After the hard reset, your iPad should restart and hopefully function normally.

Solution 5: Force reset your iPad

If your iPad is not responding and won’t turn on, a force reset can often help resolve the issue. This process can vary depending on the iPad’s model. Here’s how to force reset your iPad:

For iPads with a Home Button:

  • Press and keep a hold on both the power and home buttons simultaneously
  • Release both when the Apple logo appears

For iPads without a Home Button (Face ID models):

  • Similarly, press and hold the Volume Up button, then release it after 5 sec.
  • Hold the Sleep/Wake (Power) button until the Apple logo brightens the screen.
  • Release the button and let your iPad restart. The Apple logo may take a moment to appear.

Solution 6: Update your iPad

Updating your iPad’s software can often fix bugs and glitches that may be causing it not to turn on. Here’s the guide on how you can easily update your iPad:

  • Connect your iPad with a sustainable Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to the Settings on your iPad.

Fix iPad Won’t Turn

Fix iPad Won’t Turn

  • Scroll down and tap on “General.”

Fix iPad Won’t Turn

Fix iPad Won’t Turn

  • You’ll see the option of “Software Update.” there, choose this option.
  • You’ll immediately see If any update is available; just tap “Download and Update.”
  • Pay attention to the guidance displayed on the screen and proceed as directed.

Important Note: It’s important to note that while the above solutions can often resolve the problem, they are not guaranteed to be 100% successful. In some cases, these troubleshooting steps may result in data loss or be unable to fix hardware-related issues.

Solution 7: Contact Apple support

If none of the above troubleshooting techniques resolve your iPad’s black screen, there may be a hardware problem. In such instances, it is recommended to contact Apple services for further assistance. Apple Support can provide you with expert guidance and troubleshoot the problem remotely.


If your iPad won’t turn on, you can try the above solutions individually. Plus, if an iPad Pro won’t turn on, it can be recovered similarly. While these solutions may not guarantee a fix in every case, they are the optimal choices to troubleshoot the issue. If you encounter a sudden blank screen, just don’t panic because, with these steps, you can increase the chances of resolving the problem and getting your iPad up and running again.

However, if you prefer a reliable and convenient option, consider ReiBoot – iOS system repair. With its round-the-clock service, ReiBoot provides an excellent solution for resolving iPad issues. Here’s a more detailed guide on how to fix iPad won’t turn on (with steps).

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