Honkai Star Rail PlayStation space fantasy RPG launching soon

Honkai Star Rail PlayStation

Yang Yu Lead Programmer at game design studio HoYoverse has taken to the official PlayStation blog over the weekend to reveal more details about the upcoming new free-to-play, space fantasy role-playing game Honkai Star Rail, which will soon be launching on the PlayStation platform. Exploration is the core of every adventure. Honkai Star Rail features an in-game world awaiting discovery with elements of myth blended into a space sci-fi story.

You will board the Astral Express and travel through the multitude of worlds in the universe. Together with a motley crew of companions, you will resolve various crises caused by the Stellarons, and fight back against the Aeons that plan to vanquish all civilization.

Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail

“In this universe, there are “Aeons,” incarnations of universal principles that can freely travel between infinite worlds, driven by their Primum Mobile — Basically, they are gods with formidable powers! The Aeons roaming the worlds uphold their own beliefs, hence various kinds of civilization thrive around every corner of the universe.”

Honkai Star Rail PlayStation

“However, there is one Aeon named Destruction who considers the universe as a fallacy and civilization as cancer, casting seeds of ruin called Stellarons across the galaxy that leads to massive changes to ecosystems. As the protagonist, you are implanted with a Stellaron at the very beginning of the story. To drill down to the essence of the Stellaron, you bravely set sail for the galaxy, composing an interstellar melody filled with surprises and rewarding experiences.”

“You can experience the origin of the story in the Herta Space Station and then set sail to explore Jarilo-Ⅵ and the Xianzhou Luofu, two major destinations of your interstellar journey. Jarilo-Ⅵ has innumerable mysteries and dangers frozen beneath its snow caps awaiting further examination. The Xianzhou Luofu, the silkpunk flagship where inhabitants seem to have achieved immortality, foreshadows the upcoming expedition infused with Eastern fantasy.”

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