63 Keyboard Switch Tester with labeled keycaps $50

keyboard switch tester

If you are considering purchasing a new mechanical keyboard and are not sure which switches suit your typing style or gameplay best. You might be interested in a 63 Keyboard Switch Tester which is now available to purchase priced at just $50. The switch tester comes complete with printed keys explaining exactly what is underneath allowing you to pick the perfect key switch for your next keyboard or combine different ones together to create your fully customized mechanical keyboard. The keyboard switches are in the layout of 9 x 7 and feature DSA keycaps mounted in an acrylic base measuring 18.3 x 14.7 x 2.5 cm.

Keyboard Switch Tester

“The alpha dog, the behemoth, the undisputed heavyweight champion of your desk: This massive switch tester is an absolute marvel. Featuring a whopping 63 different switches in a 9-by-7 layout, the Super Switch Tester gives you a chance to test out pretty much any switch out there—from Cherry to Gateron to Kailh to ZealPC. Made with DSA keycaps, rubber pads, and an acrylic base, it’s nice and sturdy. Use it as a display for your favorite artisan caps or make a beautiful scene with different-colored keycaps. It’ll make a fantastic fidget toy as well, if you don’t mind bothering those around you. Refer to the key below to see what each switch corresponds to.”

keyboard switch tester keycaps

keyboard switch tester keycaps

AI03 2-IN-1 aluminium switch opener

“Like a little metal briefcase on your keychain, this two-in-one aluminum switch opener goes anywhere you go in style. Secured by magnets, it has two sides: one for Cherry MX switches, the other for Kailh BOX switches. To open a switch, just press it into the prongs on the corresponding side and watch as it opens up.”

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