NTT sonority nwm earphones crowdfunding campaign launches soon

NTT sonority nwm earphones

Towards the end of this month on March 27, 2023 NTT sonority will be launching a new crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to take their new nwm earphones from concept into production. Weighing just 3.4 ounces each earphones feature a lightweight, open-ear design that maximizes comfort together with a microphone that does not muffle your voice making the earphones perfect for remote working or online classes say NTT.

The earphones are also equipped with PSZ technology a new acoustic technology developed by NTT based on the principles of sound, setting it apart from bone conduction technology and directional speakers. The nwm earphones has been designed around the audio principle of opposite-phase soundwave cancellation, the phenomenon where two sound waves of different phases cancel each other out. PSZ technology features a special hardware design that allows users to lock audio into a small, individualized space around their ears.


NTT sonority nwm earphones specifications

NTT sonority nwm earphones specifications

PSZ technology

– PSZ technology enables new forms of communication that fuse the digital with reality, including, but not limited to:
– Remote work & Housework: Enjoy your audio without worrying about disturbing family members or roommates. You can also respond to phone calls and requests from family members.
– Jogging, walking, commuting across town: Remain aware of your surroundings, including surrounding traffic conditions and oncoming cars and bicycles, while enjoying your audio.
– Simultaneous real and online multilingual international conferences: Providing simultaneous interpretation that allows you to participate in conferences without time lag.

nwm earphones eliminate the pressure and vibration of bone conduction earphones, so users can enjoy wearing them for the entire day. Featuring a speaker unit that is located above the ear, users can experience natural sound as if wearing speakers in their ears. The earphones also seamlessly connect with various devices.”

NTT nwm earphones

NTT sonority will also soon launch a wired model of its personal ear speaker – nwm MWE001. Also equipped with PSZ technology, the nwm MWE001 model will go on sale on select online sites soon. This lightweight model weighs only around 3.1 ounces for both ears. The wired model also does not need to be recharged, so the product is always readily available for use. The planned launch price will be announced shortly.

“Crowdfunding of the product has been carried out in Japan since last winter. NTT sonority is expanding its crowdfunding effort through the launch of a campaign for nwm MBE001 on the crowdfunding website Indigogo. The goal of this campaign is to provide customers with access to this revolutionary product at a discounted price.”

Source : NTT

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