Kranio handcrafted cyberpunk skull speaker

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Kranio is a unique handcrafted cyberpunk skull speaker, which is launched via Kickstarter this month and is now available from £232 or roughly $269, with worldwide shipping expected to take place in a few months time during May 2020. Watch the introductory video below to learn more about the project and the unique handcrafted Bluetooth skull speaker.

“Modern wireless speakers are all about the clean & minimalist industrial design. Kranio challenges this trend of machined perfection with a design that fuses organic with mechanical. Alan designed Kranio. As an industrial designer, he was frustrated by the lack of soul in modern product design. He loves to express himself through the music he listens to and wants his speakers to do the same. A little square-shaped white speaker just doesn’t cut it. He has years of experience designing figurines for Marvel, DC and other pop culture products, as well as numerous Red Dot and Red Star Awards under his belt. Our artists hand-paint each Kranio speaker with meticulous detailing.”

“Your Kranio will come with an authenticity certificate with its unique serial number. Backers who pledge for Kranio X will receive the coveted serial numbers from 001 to 020. Backers of the standard version will get serial numbers starting after the Kranio X. Pledge early to get the first serial numbers. Each Kranio’s encasing is hand-painted. Our expert artists work on detailing and weathering to create a decayed look. Mass production kills the soul of a product, so we believe in handcrafting every single Kranio. Since this is manually painted, there is a limit to how many Kranios we can produce.”

skull speaker

skull speaker

Source : Kickstarter

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