Extend your screen wirelessly with the MOKiN wireless display transmitter

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MOKiN is an ultra low latency wireless display transmitter complete with integrated USB-C hub allowing you to extend your screen wirelessly. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the MOKiN which has this week launched via Kickstarter and is now available with earlybird pledges from roughly £70 and worldwide shipping expected to take place in a couple of months time during April 2020.

wireless display transmitter

“MOKiN has introduced its very first Ultra-Latency Wireless Display Transmitter, which transmits data messages in real-time with minimum delay, unlike other wireless devices in the market. With wide compatibility and thoughtful power-saving design, MOKiN is a perfect constant companion to your USB-C devices. Having its huge compatibility adds a plus point to the MOKiN Wireless Transmitter. It connects to all your USB-C devices (USB-C Data & Power Delivery, HDMI, MiniDP, microSD/SD, USB-A, Audio Jack), which is the future now. With so much in one device, your work or leisure time can never go wrong. “

“MOKiN Wireless Transmitter is like all under one roof, a one-stop solution for you to go completely wireless. All your cool gadgets will now be accessible with MOKiN Wireless Transmitter. It also has a port for your mouse, printers, hard drives, keyboards, and your headphones, etc. Your MICRO SD Card connected keeps your plans in line with a much smoother delivery. MOKiN slips into your bag or pocket effortlessly so you can take it anywhere. It enables important business conference, office routine meeting, multimedia campus education in school, home theatre entertainment take place anywhere anytime which outputs from your smartphone, tablet or Macbook laptop.”

Source : Kickstarter

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